Posted by: blackfootsmj1 | July 26, 2011

A day in the life of a Mormon missionary!

Imagine you found a cure for cancer. How urgently would you spread the news of your discovery? Who would you tell? The gospel of Jesus Christ is the cure for so many of life’s ills that LDS Missionaries want to share the good news of eternal life with the same urgency.

What Missionaries Do

You might wonder what, exactly, a Mormon missionary does, other than ride a bike and knock on doors, or how a young man or woman just out of high school might end up on a mission. Here are the basics.

Most of the Church’s missionaries are around twenty years old, though many members also volunteer to serve after they’ve retired. All prospective missionaries turn in applications to Church headquarters and they receive a call to a specific mission around the world. They spend a few weeks in a training center where some of them learn a new language and all of them rigorously study and practice teaching the gospel. Then they set off to their assigned locations and begin their service. Missionaries’ lives are completely dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. They pay their own way and put off school, dating and work for two years in order to focus entirely on doing the Lord’s work.

A common morning for a missionary might consist of waking up at 6:30 a.m., studying the scriptures, and meeting new people to share the gospel with. The afternoon might include discussing gospel lessons with people they meet and volunteering for service in the community. A good night has them teaching the gospel to interested individuals and helping them learn and keep God’s commandments or attending a baptismal service for someone who’s decided to join the Church. They return home around 9:30 p.m. and fall into bed, usually exhausted and happy.

Missionaries Teaching

I’ve never been so busy in my life as i’ve been as a missionary. The days just fly by. I’ve also never been so tired mentally, physically, or spiritually. But i can also testify that nothing has ever made me happier, helped me experience more joy, or that has been more rewarding than serving as a full-time missionary. There’s no greater witness for what the Gospel of Jesus Christ can do than what it does for the believer.

Recently, a tv news show did a segment on missionaries in Memphis. Check it out.

And the On Faith blog with the Washington Post posted a video about  set of missionaries in the DC are they followed around for day. It gives a great perspective!  See it here

Ever wondered what every missionaries dream is? I feel like this post describes it perfectly.




  1. Awesomeness!!!!!! :). Most “Christians” never spread their faith as much as you do. You must be commended Elder Johnson. 😀

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